Katherine Gibson


Katherine Gibson is an accomplished author and keynote speaker whose work has been translated into several languages. She has appeared on television and radio shows throughout North America.

    In addition to writing books, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles, she has written the stage production, The World’s Greatest Letters in Words & Music.

Katherine accepts commissions for memoirs and company histories.

Katherine lives with her husband on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Major Works

Ted Harrison: Painting Paradise

Crown Publications: Contact Katherine Gibson for information

Pause: Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life

Insomniac Press: Toronto

Unclutter Your Life: Transforming Physical, Mental and Emotional Space

Atria Publications: New York

The World’s Greatest Letters in Words & Music - a stage production.

Signing books during the launch of “Pause: Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life.”

Photo by Gary McKinstry

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